Adhesive bonding - how to make effective bonded joints

Fraunhofer IFAM has been involved with the quality assurance of bonded joints for more than two decades and is in a unique position to support industry in every phase of a bonding process – from the initial planning to the final implementation. The range of services we provide includes reviewing industrial bonding processes to ensure they comply with relevant standards, assistance with the implementation of DIN 2304, workforce training courses in adhesive bonding technology, and support with R&D activities. Our long experience and in-depth know-how of adhesive bonding technology enable us to provide customized quality assurance services to meet your needs. You are welcome to contact us! Come and visit us!

Plant Tour

Tour our work premises

Take a virtual tour of our work premises and learn how Fraunhofer IFAM can assist you with the quality assurance of your bonding process.



Our tour starts in the reception. Here you learn more about the DIN 2304 and DIN 6701 standards. You can also visit other areas - workforce training, company certification, administration, and safety.


Storage and logistics

Next we move on to goods' receipt and storage. Here you learn what measures we can assist you with for quality assurance of your incoming goods and logistics.


Development department

What requirements are put on the bonding process? Visit our development department and learn, amongst other things, about material pretreatment, inline QA, and the design of bonded joints.


Production hall

Now we get a closer look! Our tour now takes us into the production hall. Here you learn how we can support you with quality assurance on matters such as the workplace environment, work procedures, and auxiliary production equipment/materials.


Quality monitoring

Quality assurance continues after the production! Quality monitoring involves destructive and non-destructive tests, product inspection, and product monitoring.


Repair / maintenance

The last stop on the tour is the workshop. Here we inform you how we can assist you in the area of repair and maintenance.

Quick introduction

Selected topics on quality assurance in adhesive bonding at just the click of our mouse: Fraunhofer IFAM is your expert partner on all quality assurance matters relating to adhesive bonding.


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Quality assurance in adhesive bonding technology

About Fraunhofer IFAM

Fraunhofer IFAM is one of the leading independent research organizations in Europe in the fields of Adhesive Bonding Technology and Surfaces and Shaping and Functional Materials.

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Checklist for DIN 2304

For all industrial users of adhesives: Download our checklist for implementation of DIN 2304 in your production operations.