Quality assurance – with innovative concepts!

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Fraunhofer IFAM offers you customized quality assurance along the entire production chain. There is now considerable experience of DIN 6701 to draw upon. Based on this, the measures which user-companies must take are undoubtedly affordable, with the technological and economic benefits already expected in the medium term. In addition, innovative concepts of industry are helping to further enhance market leadership and make a major contribution to the technical aspects of quality assurance under DIN 2304.

Quality assurance along the whole production chain

Working with us you lay the basis for an effective bonded product even before the start of the actual joining process, namely in the area of goods' receipt and storage: We assist you with assuring the quality of the starting materials and production equipment, and with qualification of relevant personnel. In the areas of development and production we help you select and qualify the right adhesive, optimize the bonded joint, and verify that the actual loads on the bonded joint are less than the load limit of the joint. Regarding integrated into the future production, we help you assure the quality of the bonding process (from pretreatment to adhesive application to the joining step) and also the quality of the surfaces (via inline monitoring of the surface state and laboratory analytics). Either destructive or non-destructive tests can be used to test the performance of the finished bonded product. In this context we can also perform special tests as part of testing and maintenance, including for evaluating aging and degradation.

We provide you with assistance on quality assurance matters in the following areas:


Goods' receipt and storage

Fraunhofer IFAM can assist you with quality assurance in the area of goods' receipt and storage. This is the foundation for high-quality products.


Development and production

Development and production represent the »heart« of the bonding process.  Fraunhofer IFAM provides you with customized support for quality assurance in these areas.


Testing and maintenance

Quality assurance is always essential and must follow the manufacturing of a product. Fraunhofer IFAM offers services in the area of testing and maintenance.