Quality assurance - customized to your particular production process!

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A production process must reproduce the specifications of the product that was manufactured in the development phase.

Bonding processes differ greatly, particularly in the production phase. The manual production of small quantities of large components has different boundary conditions than highly automated robot-aided production. Fraunhofer IFAM specialists advise and assist you with the development and introduction of specific quality assurance measures for each of your process steps – and customized to the specific quality requirements.

Depending on your specific bonding task, different application and mixing technology must be employed. Regarding implementation into your production process, we can assist you with a variety of matters including computer-aided simulation, nozzle development, and verification of plant suitability. Special application techniques are employed in the area of micro-production. The flow and application of the adhesive can be studied in detail and optimized using the methods of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Fraunhofer IFAM experts on the quality assurance of surfaces are developing new, advanced methods for customized surface monitoring in production processes. These methods are developed for different materials and applications and they allow effective monitoring of the surface properties before the next processing step. The focus here is always on the versatility of the technical solution, so allowing integration into the specific production process of the customer.

Surfaces and their properties are playing an ever more important role in advanced technologies. Often the use of a particular substrate material is only made possible by customized surface pretreatment. The increasing use of high-performance materials means that the development and application of such technologies has become a key area of work. Fraunhofer IFAM assists customers with pretreatment methods such as plasma technology, VUV excimer technology, CO2 snow cleaning, and laser treatment.