Quality starts with the raw materials!

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The basis for an effective bonded product starts even before the actual joining process. The quality of all relevant incoming raw materials, namely the substrates and adhesive (or adhesive components), must be monitored. If defective raw materials are not identified during the incoming gods' inspection, these affect the whole process and lead to end products of lower quality. Timely identification of defects is vital and enables the relevant batches of raw materials or defective components to be blocked. Indeed, only high quality components must be used in production processes.

Furthermore, correct storage and internal transport are also very important. In the areas of logistics and infrastructure various factors have to be considered: Dust, moisture, UV radiation, temperature, contaminants, and mechanical influences can significantly alter the quality of the raw materials, namely the substrates and the adhesives. For this reason, the conditions for places of storage and internal transport routes must be clearly specified and monitored. A comprehensive plan for storage and logistics must be drawn up.

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