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The manufacture of a product is followed by final product acceptance and testing. This involves destructive test methods such as mechanical tests and also non-destructive test methods such as ultrasound tests.

If there are abnormalities it must be decided whether to discard the product or to undertake, for example, maintenance and repair measures. All requirements of the original production process must also be taken into account for maintenance/repair.

In order to inspect/test products it is vital to undertake monitoring/inspection of measuring equipment, testing devices, and auxiliary production equipment. This also includes equipment such as balances and calipers, surface analysis equipment and equipment for chemical-physical analyses.

Accurate damage/failure analysis helps to prevent faulty products in the future

The properties of laminated materials depend to a considerable extent on the chemical properties and structure of the interfaces. Consequently, damage to such materials is often due to defects at interfaces and surfaces. Fraunhofer IFAM offers services in damage/failure analysis in order to identify the causes and take countermeasures.

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Product acceptance and testing


Maintenance and repairs


Monitoring/inspection of measuring equipment, testing devices, and auxiliary production equipment