Putting a priority on quality!

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Fraunhofer IFAM is your ideal partner for quality bonded products. We provide support from the initial idea to the final product with all quality assurance matters laid down in DIN 2304 (adhesive bonding technology in industry and the handicrafts sector) and DIN 6701 (adhesive bonding technology in rail vehicle manufacture).

Let us help you customize your bonding processes to DIN 2304 and DIN 6701

Based on your particular bonding process we carry out company or process audits in accordance with DIN 2304 and DIN 6701 and compare the "actual state" to the "required state". Together with you we then draw up measures adapted to the prevailing circumstances. In close consultation with you we plan and carry out process reviews and company certifications in accordance with DIN 2304 and DIN 6701. The DIN 2304 and DIN 6701 standards also lay down requirements on workforce training in adhesive bonding technology. Fraunhofer IFAM has many years of experience in this area. In addition, we provide advice on health and safety at work and environmental protection. Get in touch with us: Together we can develop solutions for your particular needs for quality assurance of your bonding processes.

We provide companies with assistance on quality assurance matters in the following areas


Contract reviews and specifications

Areas such as contract review and purchasing, which have nothing to directly do with adhesives, are also specified in DIN 2304.


Workforce training

Qualified employees are essential for the success of a business. The adhesive bonding training courses offered by Fraunhofer IFAM ensure the quality of your production operations and meet the requirements of standards such as DIN 2304.


Process reviews and certification

A company whose production operations are certified in accordance with DIN 6701 or DIN 2304 demonstrates that their bonding processes meet the highest quality requirements.


Safety and environment

Industrial users of adhesives are also faced with the issues of work safety and protecting the environment. Fraunhofer IFAM will gladly advise you on these matters.