Proof of quality!

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Proof of DIN 2304 or DIN 6701 compliant processes comes in the form of a certificate.

The certificate enables you to provide evidence to customers that your bonding processes meet all quality requirements. Company certification in accordance with the relevant adhesive bonding standards means necessitates analysis of the process steps and their documentation. We can help you here: We carry out company audits and monitor all aspects relevant to DIN 2304 or DIN 6701.

DIN 6701"Manufacture of Adhesive Bonds on Rail Vehicles and Parts of Rail Vehicles" is already a successful model. The original national standard is now international and is currently being transferred to a European standard (EN). The years of experience that have already been gained with DIN 6701 demonstrate that the measures which user-companies must take are undoubtedly affordable, with the technological and economic benefits already expected in the medium term.

If you are interested in certification in accordance with DIN 2304 then you are welcome to contact us for assistance!

We can support you on the path to certification. Based on our own know-how and DIN 2304 "Adhesive bonding technology – Quality requirements on bonding processes", Fraunhofer IFAM carries out reviews and monitoring of industrial bonding processes for customers in order to ensure they are compliant with the relevant standards. This monitoring/reviewing is undertaken by DVS®/EWF European Adhesive Engineers with extensive experience in the certification of industrial bonding processes. The process monitoring is carried out in a customized way depending on the product requirements and customer wishes. The aim is to identify the potential for improvement, to optimize the process, and to evaluate compliance with DIN 2304.